The Allegory of Youth

by Axel Kacoutié

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A detail of a portrait.


released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Axel Kacoutié London, UK

Axel Kacoutié is a poet and composer from South London. He uses poetry, music and art to explore themes on love, identity and the human condition, bridging the gap between the mundane and the unseen.

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Track Name: Realm of Hades
I was drawn the darkness taunted me.
The light against the shadows left me in awe and wonder at what I saw before me. Like the dusk, her beauty emanated the glory of a magnificent day captured at its final moment. A fickle memory could never sustain the grace of her being
nor could the wisest ignore it.
I fell in love with the devil and the devil loved me.
She kept hell at bay yet I could still feel the heat. 
I could see the remains of broken hearts left behind by those who were once men. The skeletons she tried to hide clattered whenever she closed her chamber doors. Only those infatuated would be unable to hear the incessant blathering.
I wanted it all and she would give. Nothing was ever too much yet it was never enough. 
I became ravenous and she knew. 
Once hearken to the sound of her calling the Siren now hushed. 
Medusa feared my gaze. 
My eyes wondered too far into her gloaming world, 
my passions were no longer virtuous. 
Glimpses of what lay behind the mask aroused my insatiable curiosity but nevertheless Pandora's box remained

What I wanted as mine she was never prepared to give. The truths I yearned for never to be known. She had given me new life, and with it she had my
heart. An item she never claimed.

I was spared.

A blessing in disguise, or perhaps I'm merely the man who lived to recite the story of those who none lived to tell?

by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: Meditations of Nero
I bought a horse, not a real one, and I painted it black then named him Nero.
I'm not going to tell you why.
It's for a poem and still I won't tell you why.
But the answer's in the words, hidden in the open.
One of my neighbours has a son who's autistic and says that he sees reality better than all of us.
Then for the remainder of our conversation we mused in silence listening to Isaiah walk around saying again and again in his own language, "I have a dream".

(Meditations of Nero)

Black hides imperfections - black makes things perfect.
Am I the seat of my lover?
Black like the night Mare you once dreamed.
Black like the Cosmic, mystery, the Unseen.
Black like God. Not like white but Beginning and how it will end and start again.
What art thou, Dark horse?
Black like Nazgûl or Dementors.
Black like Black Speech, not like slang but from Mordor but also like slang.
Black like Black Death, not like '46 to '53 but ‘16, ‘15, ‘14, ‘13, ‘12...this century across a sea to a land where a people cannot breath.
Black like S.I.L.E.N.C.E. Stop, ignore, listen, empathise, never complain...Eat blackberries, drink blackcurrant not like black hunger with black flies on black eyes. Not like black hunger with black eyes on French fries. Morley's chicken or sirloin steak, black eyes on French fries.
What art thou?
Black like clutched purse when seeing black.
Black like nigga.
Black like nigger.
Black like clutched handle of a blade in a pocket of a doer not a talker. Banger. Officer. Fight or flight we are all scared.
Black like fear.
Black like sin.
Black like holy.
Black like the Moor who's sooty bosom bleeds life with love - or folly.
What art thou?
Black like deeds not like skin.
Am I the seat of my lover?
Black like magi or the muse who beheld thy face.
Black hides imperfections - black makes things perfect.
Black like life.
Black like the night's Plutonian shore.
Black sees light.
Black is light and understands it.

Black is Nero.
by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: Upon my Skin
She traces stars within my skin, stirring stars inside my skin she stirs with love and cinnamon. She heals with love’s best medicine by finding stars within my skin.

I’ve been smiling at the memory, her hands a silent melody of muted Angels poised so readily above the burning skin.
To sing, to sigh, to moan, to cry, a muted chorus of Elysian melodies, of sweet ethereal melodies that hum within my skin.

Touched like this before my heart cannot recall, yet my soul so gently falls back beneath the furrows of my skin. Once dancing I recall from out my body furthermore, my soul dancing like no other dance that’d been danced before, a dancing soul forevermore from her touch upon my skin.

O what a curious sensation, this pleasure found with no cessation, a dizzying torrent of pure elation, quit not your amorous rotations of fingertips upon my skin. A frenzy of exultations she commands with soft vibrations that induce a meditation from her touch, ah! from her vivifying touch upon my skin.

What starts as something physical, transcends to immaterial. Eternity belongs to all things beautiful, beautiful like her whose fingers forever dance upon my skin!

Love incorporeal, what I feel is all too real, my heart inconsolable in the absence of your skin. In the absence of your words and your heart and your soul, in the absence of your presence, the impressions of your essence, of your hand, your sweet celestial hand, that I forever long upon my skin.

by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: 2013 (Poem)
I miss the way you made me see fire,
But love shouldn’t make you want to burn things.

by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: Roses, Roses...
Roses, roses, I smell roses out my window, burning roses - ruby pillow, out my window.
One day you'll know, one day you’ll know

Children, children,
Young and golden, student, pilgrim, go and tell them.
Life's not hidden, fear forbidden.

Brethren, brethren - I see brethren, hooded brethren with the symbol: flightless misery, presence sickly - gods named victory.

Lady, lady,
He betrayed thee. She be shady, please forgive me love is maybe.
Please forgive we who betray thee.

Mister, mister - world is bitter,
Hard like silver, soft like pewter.
Hide and cower – no! Weep in power!

Father, father!
Quiet reader, back-seat teacher who art thou?
Who art thou?

Mother, mother,
Primary other.
You who nurture brother, sister - full of colour.
Love is tender.

Lover, lover,
Heart like feather, words like fire, voice like choir.
I'm your butler - I'm your sire.
Our empire!

Master, Master,
Silent Author.
Path once silver,
Gold is future

Guide me closer.

Guide me closer.

Guide me closer.

Guide me closer.

by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: The Allegory of Youth
O youth, sweet youth a fountain true to me,
The days were golden like the hearts of suns.
An endless Spring, an honest fantasy,
Creative power spoke in mystic tongues.

Since actions ruled by kindness of the heart,
And innocence pervaded every word.
My soul knew no fear from the very start,
Imagination greets this carefree bird.

Now dreams I wake and learn I did not dream
The rose and tinted sights I see no more.
My world less charmed when speared with Moonlight beam
To craft from Love becomes the Greatest Chore.

But still my Happiness I keep from woe,
In hope that Beauty reaps what I now sow.

by Axel Kacoutié
Track Name: Message to the Sleeper
Come now let us be lovely.
Let us dance in the dawn of a new love. Don't you want me?
What ill will do you yield to, that stays your hand from reaching mine?
You are a strange lovable thing, all I need, all that's mine.
You bring me joy. You bring me pain. A world I cannot live without.
A world under stars that wear your name; eternal as the love I can't burn out.
And my heart troubled with a thousand words, silenced by a simple call.
Your voice of sorrel silk so softly heard I doubt I heard at all.

by Axel Kacoutié